About the DCVC

The coalition consists of a voluntary partnership that brings together key players in the community of Veteran services, organizations, non-profits, and governmental entities that are committed to providing services to Veterans and raising awareness of specific issues that our local Veterans and their families need assistance with.

The Denton County Veterans Coalition works with other Veterans service organizations and agencies to provide emergency financial assistance to Veterans to help pay deposits for homeless Veterans trying to get off the street,  to keep Veterans and their families in their homes so they don’t join the ranks of the homeless, and to help with utilities and other financial issues.  We don’t provide a “handout”…. we provide a “hand up.”  The DCVC also assists with recruiting mentors for Veteran peer to peer programs and for the Denton County Veterans Court.  We work on an almost daily basis with the Veterans Community Navigators at the United Way to assist Veterans dealing with service related problems.
The DCVC is an all volunteer organization and over 95% of the money we receive goes DIRECTLY to assist Veterans.  Our Veterans and their families have endured many hardships in service to our Nation, whether serving in Vietnam, the Cold War or since 9/11. 


  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Homeless Veteran Assistance
  • Connections With Other Agencies Who Provide Support to Veterans
  • Interface With United Way Veterans Community Navigators
  • Support to Other Veterans Organizations


Are you a Veteran or Veteran family with immediate needs?

Please contact the Veterans Community Navigators at the United Way

Call (940) 566-5851 ext. 113

Click image to visit the United Way online