How we help Veterans

PHOTO: Dawn Cobb, Director of Community Relations, Denton County
Congressman Burgess at Ribbon Cutting & Opening Ceremony

VA Behavioral Health Care Center Annex

Located in the City of Denton, Texas, this donated building became the VA Behavioral Health Care Annex.  All renovations were accomplished by Community Volunteers and local businesses with no expense to DCVC.
Our veterans organizations continue to advocate for expanded behavioral health care for our Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, sexual military trauma, and other mental health issues.  We were instrumental in working with the office of Congressman Burgess, the UWDC, and the VA in establishing this VA Behavioral Health Care Annex, which was ultimately closed during Covid. We will continue to push for more local capacity and access for our Veterans who need assistance and are unwilling or unable to make the trip to Dallas.

Annual Homeless Veterans Stand Down

Helping Denton County Veterans At-Risk or Experiencing Homelessness
Connecting Veterans in need with Solutions and Resources. Beginning in 2015, this successful event offers a list of veterans organizations focused on health assessment, plus essential life-supporting programs. DCVC’s Board of Director's leadership and other Community Outreach organizations, Co-Sponsors, and the VA Homeless program come together each October to support our Veterans who are At Risk or Experiencing Homelessness or living in poverty. The objective is to help prepare them for the ensuing cold weather and harsh winter with essential life supporting programs while checking on their health and well-being. The turnout and assistance received from our community once again proves the Denton County Community Cares.
For more information call (940) 382 - 5451
VIDEO: Tyler Short, Short Productions, Denton, TX.
PHOTO: Tony Sidharta, Illustrative Depictions

Honorable Forrest Beadle
Veterans Treatment Court Program

Denton County Veterans Treatment Court

Pathway through Treatment and Support rather than Punishment
Denton County Veterans Treatment Court is a County Court program supporting Veterans dealing with alcohol or other substances abuse find a pathway to build a productive life by expunging these minor criminal infractions. The Veterans Treatment Court Judge established a Mentorship program to support the goal of expunging Veterans record for minor criminal infractions and is led by one of DCVC’s Board Members. Through this leadership we have successfully recruited, trained, and coached volunteer mentors (not counselors). The Mentor coach helps these Veterans become productive citizens of our community and not fearful to pursuing greater career opportunities because of past mistakes.
Contact 940-382-5451 about becoming a Mentor

Special Note:
(1) Only the Denton County Justice and Court Authority have totally responsible for identifying, managing and supervision over this program.  Denton County Veterans Coalition statement (2) The above Veterans Treatment Court program is supported by Denton County Veterans Coalition which has no responsibility for identifying or approving Veterans to participate in the Denton County Treatment Court or Mentor Program. Only the Denton County Justice and Court Authority have total responsibility for identifying, managing and supervision over this program.