“Snowball” Christmas Dinner

This year, we cherished the spirit of giving during not just one but two incredibly meaningful Christmas Veterans Dinners. Our heartfelt gatherings brought warmth and joy to a total of 112 children and 200 adults, creating an atmosphere of festive celebration and togetherness. To add an extra touch of holiday magic, after each dinner, the children and some of the adults gleefully engaged in a lively snowball fight. Yes! A snowball fight right here in Denton, TEXAS! The laughter and joy echoed through the crisp air, creating lasting memories for everyone present.

As a token of our love and goodwill, we made sure that as the children bid farewell to these special Christmas dinners, they carried with them the warmth of a hearty holiday meal and a bountiful array of toys to brighten their festive season even more. The twinkling eyes and smiles on their faces were a testament to the joy that was shared during these memorable occasions.

All in all, it was indeed a very special time filled with love, laughter, and the true spirit of the holiday season. We are grateful to have been part of creating such heartwarming memories for our community.